World Geography Fair


Join us for our 10th Annual World Geography Fair Open to all area homeschoolers of any age. Students pick a country to research and display at the fair. (Friends may register as a team and do a country together.) Three-fold display boards are used to color, draw, or glue a map of your country to display. At least one food item should be either prepared by hand or received from that country. (buying a bag of chips from Greece, candy from China, creating a traditional dish, etc..) A tape or CD can be played at each table with native music from the country you represent. Information about the commerce and political system must be displayed, but you choose the manner. Ideas for this are clay models, sand boards, stickers on your main display board, Legos®, toothpick miniatures, photos from magazines, travel brochures, etc.


You can be as creative as you desire but must be able to answer questions as an ambassador. Students should be able to discuss if people are allowed to read their Bibles, pray, or do missionary work in the country that they choose. You can dress in traditional outfits, display jewelry, toys, or get an actual product from the respective embassy or tourist board. This is not only a great way to learn about geography, but for students to learn how to write a tourist board and foreign embassy.


Of course NO duplicates are allowed, so country selection will be on a first-come, first-pick basis so register now! Most students will require a half table of space, which is four feet. If you think you will need a whole table, please state so at registration. This is a great project to involve several ages and grade levels in one family, or you can join with friends.


Cost is $3 to pay for use of the building/flags/programs for the event. Payment deadline is January 31, 2018, however you may go ahead and send your registration now. When registering, please give three picks in order of first, second, and third choices as well as all students’ names, ages, e-mail, and a phone number. If you do not have e-mail you may register by phone. For more information, to register, help with making this a unit study, or help in picking a country—please contact Leslie Schauer here.


March 19, 2018

For participants: 5 PM for set up.
For spectators/family/friends to view: 5:30-7:30 PM




Brookside Church
6102 Evard Rd

Fort Wayne, IN 46835