FWAHS Achievement Testing

FWAHS Testing Information - May  7-9, 2018                            


Most information regarding the Achievement Testing that is being coordinated by Fort Wayne Area Home Schools can be found on this page.  If you have questions, please contact your FWAHS Testing Coordinator, Kristin Huff by clicking here.


Testing Information Letter

It is vital that you read through and understand the information in this letter.  This has dates and times of testing, plus includes behavior expectations, and what to bring and NOT TO BRING to testing. 


Pickup/Drop-off Map

This map shows the areas you will enter the building on Monday morning for the assembly, and where to drop your children off on Tuesday and Wednesday, plus pick-up areas.  Refer to the Testing Information Letter for more specific instructions.


Sample Testing "Bubble Page"

Use this sample form to work with your children.  You can make up your own questions, and have them practice filling in the bubbles.  This will help your children to get used to being in a testing environment.


Student Information Form

Each year, we fill out the student information form for the lower grades (2nd through 4th).  However, for the other students, we have them fill out their name, address, date of birth, etc.  This is primarily to give them experience in filling out this type of information on forms.  We have attached this page to allow you to work with your students on filling this out.   On the first day of testing, they will fill out sections 1 through 6 (section 5 is optional).  In section 1, they will list the parents name for "Teacher", your address for "School", and your city/state/zip for "School District".  You'd be surprised at how many students fill in "Mom and Dad" under the teacher section (instead of listing your name).  Since what they enter here is what will be returned on your official results, it is in your interest to ensure your child fills in the correct information.