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FWAHS Testing Information - May  7-9, 2018                                                   


Most information regarding the Achievement Testing that is being coordinated by Fort Wayne Area Home Schools can be found on this page.  If you have questions, please contact your FWAHS Testing Coordinator, Kristin Huff.


Testing Registration Form


Families who wish to participate in Spring Group Achievement Testing offered by FWAHS must register between now and March 1, 2018. Use the form above, carefully noting the following:


Annual testing is not required in Indiana and not all families test every child every year. Please seriously consider your child’s readiness for the group testing situation when deciding whether to have your younger students tested.  You want your child’s first testing experience to be a positive one and so do we. 


Who: Testing is open to homeschooled students completing Grades 2-12 in the 2017-2018 school year, and whose parents or guardians are Homemade News subscribers by February 15, 2018.  Note: registrations for second grade tend to be low.  If we have less than five children registered prior to ordering tests, we may drop testing for that grade and you would receive a FULL REFUND.


IMPORTANT:  The use of tests ordered through our vendor is intended only for homeschooled families as an

academic assessment tool. For a non-homeschooling family to use these tests as practice tests for future

testing in another setting would constitute an unethical use of the Stanford Test as made available through

our vendor and could jeopardize future availability of these materials for legitimate use by homeschool families. 


What: Students will be taking the Stanford 10, a standardized achievement test given in public and private schools nationwide. Our test vendor is Bob Jones University Press (BJUP) Testing and Evaluation Service.  BJUP provides additional testing materials that you may purchase separately to assist you and your children.  Please see their website (www.bjup.com) for additional information – FWAHS does not coordinate or endorse any of these additional materials.


The Stanford 10 is an untimed test.  However, with the logistics of testing over 150 students, our testing volunteers will impose time limits, which are typically slightly more than the recommended test times.  If you feel your student may need additional time, you may want to pursue private testing.  BJUP’s web site can provide additional information on private testing.


When: Tests will be administered on the mornings of May 7, 8, and 9. An exact schedule will be included in a confirmation/information letter that all registered families will receive by mid-April. Grades 2–8 test all three days; Grades 9–12 test on Monday and Tuesday only. Test sessions typically run from 8:45 a.m.-12 Noon. (Children will not necessarily be testing that entire period, but that is the time slot you should allow in your schedule for those three days).


Where: First Assembly of God, located at 1400 W. Washington Center, just east of the Lima Road intersection.  Complete directions and entrance instructions for the church will be given in the April confirmation letter.


Additional Resources: If you are interested in additional resources to prepare your children for testing, Bob Jones offers a variety of support materials.  You can view these of resources at bjupress.com/testing, and you’ll see a link for “Test Prep Materials”.


Special Needs: If your child has special needs that should be considered during testing, please note this on the registration form. We will attempt to accommodate those students with special needs.  However, it is important that you consider what your goals are in testing. 


As an example, if you have a child who is easily distracted and has a hard time staying on task, and your goal is to incorporate them into a group testing situation, that is something we can accommodate.  However, if your goal is to have them complete the entire test in without distractions, that would be hard to accomplish in this group setting, and you may want to consider private testing as another alternative.  If you have further questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact the testing coordinator.



Cost: $35.00 per child for grades 4-12, and $45/child for grade 2-3 (grades 2-3 needs to be hand scored and so it is more expensive than the higher grades).   Once tests are ordered, FWAHS may not be able to offer a full refund for cancellations.  This year, FWAHS is again offering testing at a lower rate for children of single parents.  Testing will be $16 for each child of a single parent ($21 for second-third grade children).


Register by following these steps.  Registrations should be postmarked by March 1, 2018.

  1. Complete the registration form on the back page of the Homemade News.  An accurate and complete date of birth and the correct grade for the current school year are essential for proper scoring of tests, and are what will reflect on your test results.  Please double check your completed form, especially if you order tests for several children. 

  2. Make out a check payable to FWAHS, with the memo line marked “Testing”.

  3. Mail your completed registration form and check to testing coordinator Kevin Simon (address on form).

  4. You will receive a confirmation email by March 25 indicating that your registration was received and tests ordered.

  5. In April, complete testing instructions will be posted to www.fwahs.org.  You will receive an email when those instructions are posted.


Return of Test Results:  Test results will be available to be downloaded from the Bob Jones website, usually about one month after testing.


QUESTIONS?  Please contact Kristin Huff.



FWAHS Testing Call for Volunteers


To accommodate our spring testing, we need volunteers! Now is the time to volunteer as a tester. To be a test administrator, you must have a four year college degree (you will be required to provide proof).  Please don’t think you are not needed. We must have our tester roster complete before ordering this year’s tests.


If you are an approved tester and plan to administer tests during group testing May 7-9, please indicate that on the form when you register your children for testing.  If you are available to help but will not be registering children for testing or if you have any questions, you may contact Kristin Huff.


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