Science Fair/Expo


2020 FWAHS Science Fair and Science Expo


This years Science Fair and Expo will be held Saturday, February 1, 2020, beginning at 10:00 AM at the ACPL Main Library.  To register please fill out the “2020 FWAHS Science  Fair/Expo Registration Form” and return it by January 15.   Students in grades K-12 may enter one project into either the fair or the expo.  There is no registration fee.  Each student will be given 48” of table space.  Students will remain at the table with their project, and should be prepared to answer questions about their project.  Students may work in groups; however, science fair group projects must contain only students from the same grade level. 


The Science Expo is non-competitive, with no rules for participation.  Ideas for projects include: science models, from kits or homemade; demonstrations or experiments; and labeled collections (rocks, leaves, insects, etc.).  Posters are not necessary in the Expo but often help the children explain their ideas.  This is a great opportunity for younger students to begin participating without the stress of competition.


Projects for the Science Fair should be of an experimental nature, using the scientific method.  The projects should be completed by the student with adult supervision.  The projects must have a title and include the following sections: introduction, hypothesis, methods or procedure, results, and discussion.  Be sure that there is a clearly defined question or hypothesis; that results are reported as objective, measurable data; and that there is a large sample size.  A freestanding 3-part poster is the heart of this kind of project.  First place winners in grades 4-12, will represent FWAHS at the Northeast Indiana Regional Science and Engineering Fair (NEIRSEF) at PFW on March 7, 2020.


All Senior division students (9th-12th grade) MUST register on the state website and receive pre-approval before starting experimentation.  Any student in 4th-8th grade planning a project involving human participants or animals, must contact fair coordinator, Shae Maurer, before beginning experimentation.  No student should do an experiment involving bacteria unless in the Sr. division and under supervision.


Judges are an integral part of the fair and are always needed.  Interested persons should hold a four year degree in a science, engineering, teaching or math field (or be pursuing such a degree).  Approximately 2-3 hours of their time is needed on the day of the fair.  Parents with students in the fair can still be judges (you will not be judging your own student).


If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please contact Shae Maurer at 402-4013 or


You may register using the online form linked below or print a copy found below and submit by email to or mailed to Shae Maurer, 3115 Abbott St., Fort Wayne, IN 46806. 

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