Testing Info

Questions?  Contact your FWAHS Testing Coordinator, Kristin Huff

at 260-432-6935 or testing@fwahs.org


Testing Site: 


First Assembly of God Christian Center, 1400 W. Washington Center Rd., Fort Wayne.  It is located just east of the intersection of Lima Road and Washington Center Rd.


Testing Dates: 


Testing occurs Monday, May 7th through Wednesday, May 9th. (Note: Grades 9 – 12 test on Monday and Tuesday only. All other grades test all three mornings.) Refer to the registration form for actual dates.


Testing Times:


Monday:   Enter the building at 8:50 AM, start time is 9:00 AM SHARP - PARENT/STUDENT MEETING.

Park in the general parking lot, and enter through the main door (door #1, under the canopy) on the east side of the building.  Please do not park in the small lot in front, or in or near the visitors area next to the building, use the main, large parking lot.  Once in the building, you will be directed into the sanctuary.    We will have children generally segregated by age and we will have helpers/signs to direct you to the appropriate seating area.   Parents may sit with a child or in the back of the sanctuary.  Group instructions and announcements for parents and students will be given before students are dismissed to their classes. 

Tuesday and Wednesday:   Enter building between 8:50 and 8:55 AM, start time is 9:00 AM SHARP.

Enter through the doors on the northeast corner of the building (door 15).  Students should go directly to their classrooms on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Someone will be at the doors to direct or accompany students to classes, if necessary.

Please, do not enter the building until the posted entry times, and be prompt in picking up your students at the posted end times.  The testers need time to prepare prior to the day, and we have limited space and supervision after testing.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.




Ending times will vary from grade to grade, and from day to day.  In general, we will attempt to end the testing on the first two days between 11:30 and 11:45.   Your student will be notified on Tuesday as to an estimate of an ending time on Wednesday.  However, there are too many variables in any given testing session to be able to promise exact ending times.  Please pay special attention to any instructions that are given in the opening session and given to the students at the end of any testing session.   Please plan to wait outside the building at the end of each testing day; test administrators will bring classes to the north exit when testing is finished for the day.




First Assembly Church is very gracious in letting us use their church for this testing.  It should be our intent to be a blessing to them, and be respectful of their building. With that in mind, please review the following standards of behavior with your students even if your child has been involved in testing before.  When you review these rules, it makes the testing volunteer's job easier.

  • Students will show respect for other’s property.

  • Students will remain in the areas of the building designated for testing.

  • If your children are familiar with First Assembly or attend there, when they are part of testing they need to remain  with the testing group.  Being a member and having regular access to the building does not mean that they may go wander around the building during testing breaks.

  • After the Monday opening meeting in the sanctuary, it is expected that parents will have limited need to enter the building.  If a parent would need to enter the building after the Monday opening meeting, they should check in as a visitor with church staff.   Note that First Assembly does provide child care in the building, and as such, they have their own security measures.   We should respect their need for proper entry procedures into their building.

  • Younger children not being tested should remain with parents at all times, especially in the parking lot.

  • Please do not treat the church restrooms or playground as public facilities.

  • This has seldom been a problem, but you need to know:  Students who fail to obey the test administrator for their class or are disruptive during testing sessions jeopardize their privilege to participate on subsequent testing days.  In the event of suspension from testing, there will be no refund of testing fees.

  • Dress comfortably for air-conditioned rooms.  Modesty is required (no bare midriffs, tank tops, etc.).

  • IMPORTANT:  Have your children prepared to do something quietly if they are completed with testing and waiting before moving on.

  • When gathering outside after testing is complete, please ensure that your students are respecting church property.  We have had problems in the past with children roughhousing in church landscaping.

  • Most importantly, come with a positive attitude, asking God’s help to do your best.




  • Two sharpened #2 pencils with erasers.

  • An enjoyable quiet seat activity, such as a book or drawing paper, for wait times.  This is especially important if your child completes academics quickly.  We have some large classes, so it is especially important that your children are quiet when complete with their testing.

  • Electronics, such as music players or portable DVD players, can be distracting to others and as such, are not allowed. 




  • Calculators are optional for grades 4 and up.  You must provide your own calculator.  Although calculators are optional, they are not necessary to complete any section of test.  The decision as up to you as a parent whether to have your student use a calculator.  A good rule is that if your child is used to using a calculator, then they should bring it with them to testing.  If they are not used to using a calculator, then they would likely be better off not using one during testing. 




  • If you are going to be late or absent from testing, please call the Testing Coordinator immediately.

  • Missed tests may or may not be rescheduled, depending on the circumstances and the availability of approved testers.  Any makeup tests needing to be made up need to be completed within one week of the end of testing.  Arrangements for make-up testing is primarily the responsibility of the parent.

  • No refunds can be made for partially used tests.

  • You may expect to receive test results 6-9 weeks after testing is completed.  Test results will be mailed directly to the testing coordinator and, in turn, sent to you, usually within 24 hours of receipt.  We must handle test results in this manner because we opt to place a group order and receive a per test rebate that helps pay for our testing program, keeping your costs as low as possible.  When test results have been mailed to parents I will email you, and a notice will be put online in the FWAHS Homemade News update, so please check there for updates on test results status. 

  • As referenced in the registration, testers may opt to impose time limitations on tests in order to facilitate completing tests on time.  In no case will this limitation be less than 10% more of the recommended testing times given by the test vendor (example, a 50 minute test would not be stopped until at least 55 minutes have passed).  Therefore, it is important that you work with your students on being diligent in completing questions.