Audio Material

1000 Preparing for Marriage by Israel Wayne cassettes
- The dating culture
- The Family culture
- Courtship Is it Biblical?
- Courtship: Is it practical?
- The betrothal stage
- The divine romance

1001 Preparing for Marriage by Israel Wayne CD

- Homeschooling from a biblical
- Defending the faith _ Waiting for true love
- Christians and pop culture - Pursuing the calling
- People in fish bowls shouldn't throw stones
- Betrothal should we kiss courtship good-bye?
- Is public school a sin?
- Betrothal in action and practice
- Interview: Issues in education
- Being salt and light
1002 Wisdom's Gate Collection of Messages by Israel Wayne -2004
world view
- What about socialization? 
- Inside the brain of a hyper homeschooler
- Would you go to jail for homeschooling?

1006 Having dominion over the earth -
1005 Homeschool vision of victory - Doug Phillips 2005
1004 The battle for our children's minds -Chris Klicka 2005
1003 The Water source books (computer program)
Doug Phillips 2005
1007 A wise woman's guide to blessing her husband 2005
1008 Writing an essay - Jill Pike 2005
1009 Secrets teachers never tell - Joyce Herzog 2005
1010 Balancing family and life responsibilities -Chris Klicka 2005
1012 How to think like a Christian - Doug Phillips 2005
1013 I can't remember why I homeschool- Todd Wilson 2005
1014 The Flood, the Tower and the Ice Age- David D'Armond 2005
1015 How to evaluate a suitor- Doug Phillips 2005
1016 Back to Genesis Vol 39 
1017 Vision Forum: How to Develop Character in your children - SM Davis

1011 Homeschooling Workshop, by Christian Life, Inc. (12 tapes) 
~An introduction to Home Schooling 
~An introduction Continued 
~Educational Advantages for the Home 
~How to Begin a Home School 
~Instruction and Discipline 
~History, Heritage, and Family Storytelling 
~The process of study and instruction/ Homeschool support system 
~Reading Writing and Arithmetic 
~The Home-like School 
~Family Style Evangelism 
~The Family Business 
~The Laws and Legal options

1021 Steve Moitzo: Homeschooling. You can do it! (6 Tapes) 
~Textbooks as Tools 
~3 Types of Homeschooling 
~Am I doing enough? 
~For Fathers only 
~And Now we are adults 
~ Getting your HS diploma (N. American Regional High School) with CarolMoitzo

1022 Live on Home Schooling (6 tapes) 
~17 Secrets for Homeschoolers 
~Homeschooling the High Schooler 
~Real Education, Don’t leave home without it! 
~10 Myths of Socialization 
~Emotional nuts and Bolts of Homeschooling 
~Getting your HS diploma

Mentoring Your Teen: Inge and Ronald Cannon (tape and study guide) 
1028 Parents as Mentors/ Mentoring for Academic Excellence
1029 Mentoring with Quality Records/ Mentoring in Portfolio Development
1030 Mentoring in Career Selection/ Mentoring for Successful Employment
1031 Mentoring in College Decisions/ Mentoring for College Admissions
1032 Mentoring in Apprenticeship
1037 The Best of HSLDA’s Support Group Seminars (8 tapes)
~The Father’s Role
~Remembering the Reason
~Keeping the Heart of your Child
~Balancing Leadership and Family
~Homeschooling Trends
~Social Service Agencies
~Walking in the Light
~Homeschooling through High School

1042 Teaching History, James and Karen Stobaugh (typed again in 2003 collection)
1043 The Solution to our Education Problem, Dr. Jay Wile  (Typed again in 2003 collection) 

School to Work Conference Eagle Forum, Allen
1045 Where do we go from here?
County , Phyllis Schlafly 
1046 What’s Mark Tucker up to now?
Virginia Miller 
1047 Parent teacher compacts/ Q & A, John R. Price 
1048 School to Work, Carolyn Steinke

1055 Distinguishing home education and
1054 The value of apprenticeship in Home Education, Sam Conway  6/4/91 
1053 Achievement and Mental Ability, part 2, Bull Sponseller 
1052 Achievement and Mental Ability, part 1, Bill Sponseller 
1051 Teaching Remedial Reading, Connie Collins 
1050 Creative Family Devotions and Reading Time, Gregg Harris  6/5/91 
1049 Beyond Units: individualizing without gaps, Inge Cannon  6/5/91 
Bob Jones
University , Inge Cannon
1062 How to Achieve Spiritual Growth in your Children, Jim Berg
1063 Practical Application of Financial Principles, Sam Conway  6/5/91
1064 Helping children overcome bitterness and anger, Tony Miller
1065 Compassion: the Model of the Master Teacher, Greg Kasak
1066 What is Good Literature?,
Donna Hess
1067 Science field trips are not so far afield, Dick Seeley
1068 Developing tests for your child, Jim Davishome schooling, Inge Cannon
1056 How to identify and eliminate potential high places in your home education, Inge Cannon  6/91
1059 Developing Wisdom in your Children, part 2, Sid Cates
1060 Home Schooling or Home Education: which are you doing?


1069 Is home education the right choice for my family?

Conventions: , Mathes 
1070 Planning: the way to stay sane!, Hulcy 
1071 How to make your child love books, Seid 
1072 How to homeschool people bigger than you, Lanier 
1074 Co-op teaching: way to broaden scope of homeschooling 
1075 Preparing for College, Ankeny    
1076 Should standardized tests be used?, Lanier 
1077 Developing your philosophy of homeschooling, Seid 
1079 Ape-men: Fact or Fiction?,1082 Time to Build: Home education with Biblical
1081 Using great books to teach thinking skills, Hulcy
1080 Teaching kids to understand the times, Myers 
Nutting world view,





Myers and E. Miller
1083 Megatrends: Is there any salt in the shaker?, Hulcy
1084 Teaching History using classical literature, Seid
1085 Museums, Movies and the Mind of Christ, Jack
1086 Learning to learn the facts, Lucas

1089 Homeschool or Home education?
1088 Beyond units: Individualizing without gaps, Inge Cannon
1087 Benefits of homeschooling to Parents, Richard Fugate
6th Convention:, Inge Cannon

1090 What are your rights as a homeschooler?, Klicka
1091 The man’s role in the home, J. Barth
1092 The woman’s role in the home, M. Barth
1093 Biblical overview of the home, J. Barth 
1095 Instill  a vision in your children concerning HS Heritage, Klicka 
1096 Ask the Indiana Dept. of Education, Nettles 
1097 Understanding the limitations of Science, Guthrie 

1099 Developing public speaking skills, Jerri Farris 
1100 State of Higher education, part 2 (only), Dr. Noebel 
1101 Creating Confident Communicators, part 1, Jeff Myers 
1102 Creating Confident Communicators, part 2, Jeff Myers 

1104 Raising children to stand against evil, Ron Coriell 
1106 ADD, Dr. Joe Sutton
1107 Computer’s in the 90’s, part 1, Art Pelton
1108 Computer’s in the 90’s, part 2, Art Pelton

1124 What’s hindering my relationship with my teen?
1998, Eric Miller
1109 The end of the world as we know it, Dr. Jeff Myers
1110 Remembering the reason we homeschool, J.Michael Smith
1111 3 Keys to integrity in Relationships, part 1, Dr. Jeff and Danielle Myers
1112 3 Keys to Integrity in Relationships, part 2, Dr. Jeff and Danielle Myers
1113 Looking below the surface: Understanding the world of ideas, Dr. Jeff Myers
1117 Taking care of the Earth, Dr. Jeff Myers
1118 10 reasons to Homeschool Teens, Elizabeth Smith
1119 Preparing for College, Elizabeth Smith
1122 Legislative Involvement and the Homeschool family, Charlie Fehrman
1123 Taxes: What can you do to keep more of your money?
, Benny Phillips
1125 The Good Citizen, Bill Smith

1135 How not to get
1130 From Legos to Linear Equations: Principles from patterns, David Quine
1128 The Freedom to serve God: Preparing for the 21st Century, David Quine
1999, David Gordon
1126 The Social Worker is at my door, David Gordon
1127 Homeschooling...Is it legal?
a “F” in family devotions, Ron Coriell

~ SAT preparation for the Christian Student,
1136 - 6 Tape Collection:
2003James and Karen Stobaugh
~But we had hoped....the homeschool prodigal, James and Karen Stobaugh
~Transformed home, Church, and community, Dr. Jeff Myers
~Courtship or Dating: Breaking Cycles, Dr. Steve Demme
~Seeing Fractions and understanding Fractions, Dr. Steve Demme
~Elementary Algebra taught concretely, Dr. Steve Demme

1042 Teaching History, James and Karen Stobaugh
1043 The solution to our education problem, Dr. Jay Wile
1044 Strengthening Father/ Son relationships, Dr. Jeff Myers

Miscellaneous Audio: 
1145 Living with circumstances beyond my control, S.Chapin 
1146 Learning Styles, Gregg Harris 
1147 The Seasons of Life, Gregg Harris 
1148 Learning Disabilities or Learning Differences, Gregg Harris 
1149 Power exercises for leaning touch typing by incentive learning 
1150 Play ‘N Talk by Literacy 1st Aid Kit 
1151 Power Glide Introduction, Foreign Language Courses 
1152 Gifted and Talented Children ( 2
cass and 1 cd, 2 booklets)
1153 FWAHS 2003 Commencement - CD format 
1154 The profound effects of music on life, Andrew Pudewa - 2 tapes set
1155 The Pineapple Story Series (12
1172 Teaching the Junior High and High School Sciences @ Home- Dr. Jay Wile
1173 Eco- Hysteria - A scientist examines the Global warming hypothesis- Jay Wile

History CD's
1427 What in the world's going on here, Vol 1 Creation to Christ
1429 What in the world's going on here, Vol 3 Napoleon to Korea

Miscellaneous Literature: 
2001 A packet of assorted info on learning disabilities 
2002 Math Counts 
2003 The homeschool support group- A handbook for Christian Leaders
2004a Bee Your Best - A program about Manners, copy 1
2004b Bee Your Best - A program about Manners, copy 2
2005 Warning! Public Schools aren’t for Christians, by Richard “Little Bear” Wheeler 






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